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Nike Free Run 2 VS Adidas Climacool

Although the Nike Free Run 2 men’s running shoe feels like a minimalist design, it is actually very well built and sturdy. So you are getting the best of both worlds, by having the control and feel that a minimalist shoe provides and also the stability that a larger running shoe can give also. They are incredibly flexible too, so you will not feel any restrictions in any way when you run in them.

Nike Free Run 2

The concept behind the Nike Free Run 2 men’s running shoes is the idea of being able to run without noticing the shoes are on your feet. You do not want to be distracted while you are running by heavy or uncomfortable shoes that are rubbing on your feet and causing your discomfort. So the Free Run 2 has been made to really try and feel as natural as possible and allow you to focus 100% on your running. And it has to be said, Nike has done a great job of achieving this and this is the most runners choice for marathon.

The support that the Nike Free Run 2 men’s trail running shoes provide for your feet will enable you to run for longer while minimizing the risk of injury. They also help to keep your feet as fresh as possible while running miles around a course, or along the road or on a track. The cushioning in the shoe ensures that any fatigue of your feet it kept to a bare minimum.

The soles of the Nike Free Run 2 men’s running shoe

In order to get the flexibility that you get with the Free Run 2 shoes, as well as the cushioning for your feet, Nike has used a fused phylite midsole and outer sole. The material used for this is extremely light and durable, and provides a very smooth feeling throughout the impact of each step you take. This enhances the overall running experience too.

There are also deep grooves in the outer sole of the shoe. These aid the flexibility of the shoe, while also giving them the strength and support for your feet. They also make each step you take feel that much softer, almost like you are running with just socks on. But you still get that incredible feel with the shoe too; the combination between all of these factors is amazing.

Mesh uppers to keep your feet cool

If your feet start to overheat while you are running then you are going to grow increasingly more uncomfortable as your run progresses. So the Nike Free Run 2 has a mesh upper that really does let your feet breathe very effectively at any time you have them on. The material is light and strong, yet almost feels like you have nothing on your feet it is that soft and unobtrusive.

These shoes really are incredibly comfortable. If you do any kind of running and you need something to really help reduce the fatigue on your feet, while still giving you the comfort and support you require, then the Nike Free Run 2 men’s running shoe is an excellent choice. They offer pretty good value for money too, considering the quality you are getting with these shoes.

Adidas Climacool

The Adidas Climacool ride running shoe has really been well received by those that wear them. They provide a great deal of flexibility while keeping your feet cools and well supported at the same time. They are a really comfortable shoe to wear no matter what type of running you like to do.

Adidas Climacool

The Adidas Climacool ride is quite a low profile shoe, and they are also extremely light. You barely notice that you have them on while you are running, which is what most modern day running shoes are trying to achieve now.

The name behind the Climacool shoe by Adidas refers to the 360 degree ventilation it has, with the mesh upper providing all of the breathability for your feet as you run. This is so important if you run long distances. If your feet can not breathe properly they will begin to swell and you will start to feel a lot of fatigue in your feet as your run progresses.

The material used for the mesh uppers is extremely light, yet very strong too. You can expect to get a lot of heavy usage from these shoes as they are very durable. The combination of the lightweight material that provides both the ability to allow your feet to breathe and the strength needed to give your feet plenty of support is what makes these shoes so good.

The soles of the Adidas Climacool ride running shoe

The soles of the Adidas Climacool ride shoes are a unique design that provides a great deal of flexibility. You want your shoe working with your feet, and not against them, and this is exactly what it does. The segmented sections of the sole will bend really easily, allowing your foot to take its natural shape as it touches down and the rolls through to the push off.

The sole also provides greater feel. This is also important to really get the most out of your running sessions and improve your output. The sole will also provide the bottom of your feet with the support they need while running on harder surfaces.

The arch support is really good on these shoes. This is just one area that can quickly become sore and fatigued as you run, so having the correct support is vitally important, and the Adidas Climacool ride is able to provide that.

Creating the right air flow

With the concept behind these shoes being about allowing your feet to breathe, you may be wondering how they do this. The whole design of the Adidas Climacool ride shoes has been made so that the air is actively pushed through the shoe. So the warm air created by the friction of your feet against the shoe is immediately pushed out and replaced with fresh air from outside of the shoe.

Even the innersoles used in the shoes are perforated so that none of the air gets trapped inside, it still manages to be pushed along with the rest of the flow and be replaced with cooler air. This system works really well. If you have been wearing running shoes up to now that do not allow your feet to breathe properly then you are going to feel an enormous difference when you start running in the Adidas Climacool ride shoes.