Where to Eat in Ibiza?

Ibiza is a very famous island located in Spain in the west area of Mediterranean Sea and this small island is very famous for the extraordinary artworks. Because the fascinating artworks, there are lots of people choose to visit this island in the past few years, and the best time to visit this island is during summer. The most famous tourist site in this island is the Balearic Island, and the majority of people choose it as their first visiting place.

The nightlife is also very vibrant in this island, and the various kinds of festivals will offer tourists chance to learn more about Ibiza. Except the beautiful scenery and the special event, the food in Ibiza is also pretty delicious, and as a matter of fact, there are lots of fascinating restaurants in Ibiza. Here is some of the famous and popular one you can take into consideration.

One place is Tentazione, which is famous for its traditional Italian food, and it is a very cozy restaurant with a terrace. As a matter of fact, this restaurant is regarded as one very romantic place for people to have dinner on the island. The restaurant is decorated by many flowers, and people can admire the beautiful views when dining in the restaurant. The service and food are both very great, and you can taste the traditional Italian food here.

Ca Na Ribes is another restaurant you can go to eat the food when traveling in Ibiza and this restaurant is located in the town of Santa Eulalia. Most people will firstly relax themselves at the beach and then go to this restaurant to have dinner. The paella is the food you must taste in this restaurant, and other dishes are also very delicious since this restaurant is the most popular one on the island.