Why Vitamin Supplements

I have made this subject as my 1st post simply because one cannot fully understand the nature of degenerative diseases without knowing how our body works. Bear with me for a while as I take you back to our Biology 101 class for a review of our human anatomy.

The human anatomy is an assemble of cells, tissues, organs and they grouped together into an integrated of different systems with each of them carries out a major role or task such as to protect, support, control and feed the body, keeping the body in a state of internal balance under constantly changing circumstances. This can be summarized in the following diagram as:

Human Body Systems

The human body systems work together as a true cooperative – each one fulfills its own vital function but all work together to maintain health and efficiency. Although these systems can be described as separate entities, each depends on on all others for physical and physiological support. The body systems are consists of:

  1. Skeletal System
  2. Muscular System
  3. Nervous System
  4. Skin, Hair and Nails System
  5. Lymphatic and Immune System
  6. Endocrine System
  7. Cardiovascular System
  8. Respiratory System
  9. Digestive System
  10. Urinary System
  11. Reproductive System

The cells are the building blocks of the human body. They are active and dynamic, they continually grow and specialize, function, die and replenish themselves, by the millions every second.

There are many different types of cells and they grouped together to form tissues – a collection of similar cells that group together to perform a specialized function. Organs are then formed by the functional grouping together of multiple tissues. The body systems are, in turn, composed of organs.

Once we understood the body structure, we need to turn to its physiology side, that is, the study of the body’s workings and how it functions.

It investigates the workings of such processes as enzyme action, hormone stimulation, DNA synthesis, and how the body stores and uses energy from food.

Only through physiology that we can understand how degenerative diseases came about and how we can use supplements to prevent, treat or alleviate them.